Domestic Blind Tasting and Free For All

Welcome to the return of our Domestic Blind Tasting theme! This week I poured the class a taster of each of the below domestic and macro brews and they were tasked with identifying each one before the grand reveal of the lineup at the end. To aid them in their quest a list of the beers in the tasting was given to each person at the beginning.

The Lineup:

Genesee IceGenesee
Stella ArtoisAnheuser-Busch
Colt 45Pabst
CoronaGroupo Modelo
Modelo EspecialGroupo Modelo
Coors BanquetCoors

So how did everyone?

Long story short, we were all pretty awful at identifying the beers- though I will say each one did taste distinct! The winner of the blind tasting was once again our king of macro brews, Brian Chrysler, with three guesses correct out of the ten- Stella Artois, PBR, and Budweiser! By winning he snagged himself a prize of a pretty sweet mini drinking horn from Four Brother’s Mead in Festus. Congrats!

For the rest of the evening we enjoyed a mini lineup that was a Free for All theme that understandably led to a rather kooky list of beers.

The Lineup:

Lemonade MoscatoMain and Vine Wine
Contact High Blueberry Lemonade4 Hands
Zavtrak (2022)Narrow Gauge
Supplication (Batch 042721)Russian River
Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream AleLexington
Barrel Aged Innocence and DecadenceModist

And the winner of our Free For All theme was Barrel Aged Innocence and Decadence from Modist! This unique Imperial Red Ale was brewed with German Red X malt, premium pilsner malt and milk sugar and then aged for 12 months in 4yr Willett Rye Barrels before being conditioned on Ghana cocoa nibs, cream cheese and Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Luxurious and smooth, it was an easy winner to crown this evening.

Join us next week as we sample beers that are all Part of a Series! I expect some cool local favorites to make a showing alongside series none of our members have tasted before. Cheers!

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