It is always fun when two breweries get together to make some magic in the form of a collaboration beer. This week at beer school we wanted to enjoy some fun collabs and, given the excellent lineup, I think we met that goal!

Our Lineup:

Confectionary Creation: Chocolate Cookie CravingAlliteration Ales
Black WidowOriginal Sin
Amusement 2021Block 15
High LifeMiller
Billionaire’s Hot ChocolateSide Project
Vegan CheddarOther Half
Reign Or ShineCloudwater
Carrot SaisonBoulevard
Members OnlyTurning Point
Crusher (Blend #1)Side Project
Never Fall In Line2nd Shift
Practise What You PreachBierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven
Achromatic Vibes (2022)Shared
40th Anniversary Barleywine (TWCP)2nd Shift
Climbing StairsNarrow Gauge
Heir To NoneThe Eighth State

And the winner tonight was Billionaire’s Hot Chocolate from Side Project! In this collaboration with Omnipollo each brewery actually both made their own version of the beer, so this is the one Side Project released. A Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with All Natural Kosher Marshmallows, Mexican & Ugandan Vanilla Beans, and TCHO Ghana Cocoa Nibs, this beer was then aged for 29-42 months in Buffalo Trace, Willett Rye, Weller 12 year, and BLiS Maple Syrup Barrels before being bottled with the fun pink wax. Congrats on the win!

Next week we are going to be starting a three-week series all about the Standard Reference Method of assessing the color of beer so stay tuned to see how that series plays out!

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