SRM Color #20-40+

For our final week of the SRM series of themes we are drinking beers falling within the 20-40+ range! Dark beers abound and this was definitely a fun week to be in attendance! Shoutout to the one black IPA that at least give us some style diversity.

Our Lineup:

Deceptively Dank Darkness Displays DissonanceAlliteration Ales
Pipeline PorterCelestial Beerworks
Barrel-Aged Thrales 20214 Hands
FragariaMain and Mill
Barrel Aged Dear Agony (11 year Elijah Craig Barrels) 2019Heavy Riff
Raspberry Kringle stoutCentral Waters
Vanilla Rye StoutCentral Waters
Across the UniverseCelestial Beerworks
Madagascar Tahitian4 Hands
Dragon’s Milk Reserve with Stroopwafel Cookies, Coffee, Caramel, and Cinnamon (2022-2)New Holland
Choco-LatteKros Strain
Double Barrel Aged Liquid Spiritual Delight- Buffalo Trace and Still 630 Rye2nd Shift
Chicago Craft Gin Week 2022 [Bonus]Off Color

And our winner this week Across the Universe by Celestial Beerworks. This decadent imperial stout was aged 14 months in an Eagle Rare Bourbon Barrel and then adjuncted with chocolate, vanilla beans, toasted coconut, and cinnamon. Rich and sweet, this beer still had great balance of flavors.

Next week we will be enjoying Freshly Brewed beers! Whether fresh off the canning lines or straight to a growler, we can’t wait to sample what breweries are currently pumping out!

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