Fresh Beer

Welcome to a new theme for our beer school- fresh beer! The idea this week was to go out and find a beer fresh off of a canning or bottling line, or even served fresh from a keg in a crowler or growler. Local beers abound in our lineup this week as members scrambled to call dibs on new releases announced as soon as hours before the class. Extra special shout out to Modern for opening their brand new taproom this past weekend- we missed drinking with you guys these last few years!

Our Lineup:

Katy2nd Shift
Oktoberfest 2022Civil Life
Wilson (2022)Shared
Vol 122nd Shift
Divided Sky Galaxy4 Hands
Super SystemModern
Pumpkin Pie TreatPrairie
Munich DunkelMain and Mill
Wolpertinher 2022Urban Chestnut
Black Walnut StoutCarlyle
Parfait Blend #3 [Bonus Beer]Shared
Proper Dose [Bonus Beer]Horus

The winner this evening was Wolpertinger 2022 from Urban Chestnut. This Belgian Strong Dark Ale was well-balanced with a hit of booziness that was tempered by notes of Belgian yeast, figs, and caramel. Drinking this definitely has me ready to attend the Wolpertinger Festival at the Urban Chestnut Brewery in the Grove this winter!

Next week our theme is exactly the opposite of tonight’s with Aged Beer. Whether aged in a barrel, a member’s cellar, or on the shelves of a bottle shop we will be sampling beers that have had time to develop their flavors and discussing where age can help or hinder a beer.



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