Aged Beers

After enjoying fresh beers last week, this week we moved onto the theme of Aged Beers. Whether aged in barrel or bottle prior to release or aged in one of our cellars or on a store shelf, we tasted beers that had spent a bit longer on this earth. Grateful this class moved to Friday since we tried quite a few beers as everyone was happy to dig into their cellars!

Our Lineup:

Good Golly Miss MollyMissouri
Tammy ShandyMiocqua
Dill Pickle Sour BeerDestihl
Oak Bourbon Barrel Ivan the TerribleBig Sky
11- Year Anniversary BlendBeer Wild Heaven
Deeds & Exploits Ages in Port & Spanish Brandy Barrels W/ Vanilla & Cognac-Conditioned CoffeeModern Times
Longoven: Chapter 1The Veil
Bourbon County Brand Stout (2020) 14.6%Goose Island
Sunshine & OpportunityAlmanac
Farmer’s Reserve PlumAlmanac
Barrel Aged Dear Agony (Madeira Sherry) (2019)Heavy Riff
Contact High Hard Seltzer- Tangerine4 Hands
Barrel Aged Dear Agony (Buffalo Trace) (2020)Heavy Riff
JRF Brewing & Blending: Imperial Irish Coffee Stout Aged in Irish Whiskey BarrelsCenter Ice
Keystone IceCoors
Carpathian (2022)Main and Mill
Coconut Medianoche (2022)Weldwerks
Dessert Eagle (Rocky) – Chocolate, Marshmallow, and WalnutArkane
Ginger Wasabi AleMissouri
HardestyWoven Water

There were so many beers and a surprising range of styles given the theme, and in the end our winner of the evening was the Coconut Medianoche (2022) from WeldWerks. This beer is a blend of Medianoche batches aged for 21-24 months in freshly emptied 7-8 year-old Blanton’s bourbon barrels. After barrel aging, the beer is conditioned on more than 800 lbs of toasted coconut flakes and raw coconut chips, with the sweet coconut providing a perfect complement to the notes of crème brûlée, espresso brownie batter and cinnamon sugar donuts expressed by the barrels. Unique, rich, and extremely easy to drink, this beer was an easy choice for winner amongst our members this evening.

Join us next week as we explore Beer and Dessert pairings in a special tasting event where each member will bring not only a beer to share, but also a dessert they believe will mesh well.



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