Beer from Your Birth State

Our members hail from a large variety of places around the United States and it is always fun to showcase our Birth States to explore their unique beer scenes and pay homage to the stories of how we all ended up in St. Louis. Let’s check out what we tried below!

The Mango LassieAthletic
Milwaukee’s Best IceMiller
OktoberfestJacob Leinenkugel
AOC IPAMinocqua
Two HeartedBell’s
DDH First Leap (Nelson)Icarus
Mr PumpkinMother’s
Grand CruSchlafly
Horchata YetiGreat Divide
The Wolf with BlueberryThree Sheeps
Barrel Aged Barley ButcherMaplewood
Field Trip (2022)Modern
Pumpkin Spice Latte NitroLeft Hand

The states represented tonight where: Wisconsin, Michigan, New Jersey, Missouri, Colorado, and Illinois!

Our winning beer for the evening was the DDH First Leap from Icarus Brewing in New Jersey! A fantastic and well-balanced beer from a brewery I would love to taste more of in the future.

Check out our topsy-turvy class with the theme of “Not Beer” in one week! Cheers!


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