Not Beer

Every once in a while we really decide to stir things up and toss in an evening to enjoy offerings that, while delicious and boozy, are not beer. Whether a mead, seltzer, cider, cocktail, or straight whiskey- we love to step outside our umbrella of expertise and check out something entirely different.

Our Lineup:

Grand Noir: Pinot Noir Pyment Aged in Missouri Whiskey Barrels

Fall Fashioned: My beer cocktail take on an Old Fashioned made with half a can of Oktoberfest (Ludwig from Shared), 1/2oz Busch Apple, 1 dash angostura bitters, 1oz apple brandy (Knowledge of Good from Still 630), and 1/2oz Big O Ginger Liqueur Reserve

Barleywine Gin and Tonic: Still 630’s Experimental Spirit X-57 Barleywine Gin mixed with Tonic Water

Teh Tarik Tea Cocktail: A cocktail version of the popular Southeast Asian beverage Teh Tarik. This cocktail is a blend of strong black tea, condensed milk, and honey vodka.

X-13 Still630 Experimental Spirit: Bourbon with 20% Barley

Cave Rock Off Dry: Dry White from Cave Vineyard in New Offenburg, Missouri

Banana Pudding Sippin’ Cream: Flavored cream liquor from Sugarlands Distilling

X-55, 56, and 57: Experimental Spirits from Still630 all distilled from brewery collaborations. Brewery Collaboration Spirits: Alpha’s Belgian Trippel Ale, 2nd Shift’s Apple Fritter Beer, and Charleville’s Barleywine, respectively

Bonus Beer: Dry Hopped Grisette Blend #1 from Side Project. Because you really can’t keep us away from beer for even one evening.

While everything was excellent, we did have to vote for a winning this evening and the Teh Tarik Tea Cocktail won out! Immensely comforting in its warmth, the blend of the earthy notes and thick sweetened condensed milk really put us all in the Fall mood and sent each attendee back for more of the delightful cocktail.

Next week we return to our regularly scheduled beer drinking with another Blind Tasting, this one to Guess the Fruit. Cheers!


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