Blind Tasting Guess the Fruit

One of the most notoriously difficult blind tastings is back with Guess the Fruit! When sitting at Beer School on any given night, sipping a fruited beer where you are already privy to the adjunct, this theme sounds deceptively easy. Yet, once all reference points are removed an you are trying to tie the taste of a blind beer to a vague memory of a fruit flavor, it is always surprising how much people struggle with this blind tasting.

Our Lineup:

Caught in the Rain- PineappleWhite Elm
Lei-A Tropical Berlinerweiss- GuavaLogboat
Leaner (Blend 2)- PeachSide Project
Blueberry Flanders (Blend 2)- BlueberrySide Project
Busch Light Apple- AppleAnheuser-Busch
Cellar Creeper- MangoSide Project
Kumquat Weiss- KimquatCrane
Pulling Nails (Blend 15)- Cherry and RaspberrySide Project
Lizard of Koz- BlueberryFounders
Dragon’s Milk Reserve: Banana Coconut- BananaNew Holland
Blazing Star- BoysenberryNarrow Gauge

Our members tried their darndest to identify the fruit hiding within each beer, and Todd took home the win with 4 correctly identified! Congrats!

The winner of our lineup for the evening was Blazing Star from Narrow Gauge, a melomel with clover honey fermented and aged on fresh boysenberries- a fruit definitely no on guessed correctly but an absolutely delectable mead nonetheless!

Next week a new sort of class begins with the addition of Hosted Themes. Any of our members could volunteer to host a class and supply the entirety of the beer should they desire some assistance in reducing their cellar stocks somewhat. And I’m up first to set the opening example!


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