Katie Hosts- Mystery Theme

Many of our members, myself included, suffer from the same affliction: a beer cellar that grows faster than we can drink. Therefore, this semester we have begun a new theme type: Hosted Classes. Anyone who wishes can volunteer to host a class, meaning they provide all the beer for the evening, and to then lead it however they wish for that evening. Being the head of this circus, I decide to lead first to set an example of how such a class would go. Here is the result:

For the Katie-est of Beer Schools I decided to announce it as a Mystery Theme. Every beer would be served with the entire class knowing what it was, and the first person to correctly guess the theme would win a prize package. Can you guess it? [spoilers below]

Our Lineup:

Balaton (Blend 2)Side Project
American BrownCivil Life
Oude La Ruche (Vintage 2019)Side Project
Fuzzy (Blend 4)Side Project
Brewer’s Birthday Bash (volume 29)Alliteration Ales
Voodoo Ranger Atomic PumpkinNew Belgium
Samichlaus Classic (2020)Schloss Eggenberg
Anabasis (Blend 5)Side Project
BA Vermillion (2022)Perennial
Dragon’s Milk Reserve: S’mores (2018)New Holland
Bourbon County Brand 14 Stout (2021)Goose Island
BA Ambiente (2020)Shared
Mister Maraschino (Batch 3, 2022)Wellspent

Can you guess the theme?

We had some fun guesses after each beer as the lineup progressed. Beer served in alphabetical order, beers with browns as bases, beers Katie likes, etc. However, Rick correctly guessed the theme after the 3RD BEER and that was “Beers that had Previously Won Beer School”. Special shoutout to Chris Burst in the beer school chat group for guessing it first out of attendees who could not make it this evening- he got it within 4 beers.

Indeed, every single beer on the list, down the the exact vintage or blend, had won the vote for Best Beer at a Beer School previously. Rubaeus specifically had won not only “Plant on the Can” in 2017, but also the “Best of Beer School theme in 2018”.

The winner and part of his Shared Beer prize pack! A cozy hat, sticker, and two cans of Wilhelm!

So which beer won the Tournament of Champions and could announce itself as the GOAT? Well, turns out the voting ended in a perfect three-way tie, even with tiebreaker votes, between Samichlaus 2020, Oude la Ruche Vintage 2019 and BA Vermillion 2022. All fantastic beers and definitely all beers we are delighted to drink whenever they make an appearance at a class or in a taproom.

With our first hosted class successfully under our belt, next week Todd is going to step in as host and bring us a special selection of beers. Check back to see what the result is.


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