Rick Hosts: Guess the Rating

Our small run of hosted classes ends today with a class hosted by Rick! For his class, Rick banned any of us from checking into Untappd during the tastings, and instead we each had to guess which of the beers in his lineup had the highest average global rating on the beer app. A fantastic theme, this class ended up much more difficult than we had anticipated, as we tried to compare our opinions of a beer to how we thought the overall pool of users on Untappd would respond to its flavors.

Our Lineup:

Elijah Craig Barrel Aged StoutStubborn German
Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPAStone
Ovila Belgian-Style Quad w/ CherriesSierra Nevada
Bourbon County Brand Stout (2017) 14.7%Goose Island
Frances Blend #3Perennial
Barrel Aged Dear Agony (Willet Rye) (2020) Barrel #26Heavy Riff
Panther Club (2021)Founders
Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS) (2017)Founders
Absence of Light4 Hands
Rum BA Night VisionsMelvin
Pulling Nails (Blend #13)Side Project

Things we learned:

  1. Considering the context of the release year matters a lot
  2. People’s taste in beer is surprisingly difficult to pin down
  3. Hype definitely influences ratings
The Host for this evening

So which one had the highest global rating? That would be the 2017 CBS with an average of 4.52, which not a single person in the class guessed. I am kicking myself in hindsight considering how hard it was to find that beer back in 2017 compared to it sitting on shelves nowadays. I remember beer groups seeking it out and raving about the flavor when it released in 2017 and therefore when the majority of the Untappd ratings would have occurred. Derek was able to win the tiebreaker of guessing what the rating was, so he won the prize for the evening of BCBS and beer socks!

For fun, we also had a side bet on who could get the closest in guessing the average global rating for each beer calculated by the lowest absolute value difference of guess vs actual. It came as no surprise when Derek absolutely killed it at guessing the ratings as KBS’ most prolific user of the app, with his total coming to only 1.39 off on the ratings.

We also had our annual costume contest given this class was the closest to Halloween! Ravi won this one with his excellent thematic costume!

Finally, our winning beer for the evening decided by votes from each member in attendance was Barrel Aged Dear Agony (Willet Rye) (2020) Barrel #26- another previous winner here at Beer School! The average global rating was 4.44 and among Beer School untapped users was 4.49.

Join us next week as we begin our IBU series, working to taste the full range international bitterness units across three weeks, starting with beers with -30 IBUs!


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