Artisanal Warheads Extreme Sour Seltzers Review

While not a “pack,” today I will be reviewing a selection of Warheads flavored sour seltzers from Artisanal Brew Works in Saratoga Springs, NY. These were brought to me from beer school member Tomi on her way back from a trip. Thanks! Generally, they are sweetened with dextrose (corn sugar) and use “natural flavors,” the coloring is just dye. None of them were really sour to live up to the “extreme” or Warheads label. Could have definitely dropped the pH a bit and it might have rounded them out more. They do taste like candy though and gave me a sugar rush drinking 2 full can equivalents. Overall the seltzer base was clean and had good carbonation.

Stella Artois (9 month old puppy) licked some off the ground and sneezed a bunch, but went back to try and get more. So that’s her review.

In drinking order:

Lemon: smells funky like a sour beer. Taste is not funky though, light, not too tart. Mild tart lemon flavor and easy to drink. Very bubbly at first but died down quickly. Kind of candy like, no noticeable off flavors. 3.7/5

Watermelon: slightly tart but still not extreme. Watermelon flavor not bad, again like candy and not real watermelon (though that’s expected for watermelon). Sweet smell. Clean, but a little bit of mouth coating texture, flavor a little heavier than lemon. 3.5/5

Blue raspberry: not much smell. Taste isn’t really blue raspberry, kind of watery. Not even really tart. Needs more flavor in general in this one. 3/5

Black cherry: nice cherry smell. Light again, but not medicinal. Again very hard candy like flavor with very little tartness. Could have dialed it up a bit but the lightness of the flavor works better in this one than in blue raspberry. Easy to drink. 3.4/5


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