Brian’s Bourbon County Tasting

Beer school member Brian attended the Black Friday bourbon county stout tasting at the Goose Island brewery this year and shared his unique take on each of the beers sampled.

2018 Prop – Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate… smooth AS HELL – better in smaller sips than a big chug – 8/10

2016 Original – Basic BCS taste, caramel finish 6.5/10

2018 Vanilla – Vanillawesome 7/10

2022 Original – WAY better than 2016 8.5/10

2022 30th Anniversary – more wooded, more alcoholic than original – cocoa puffs taste – im kookoo for it 9/10

2022 Two Year Barleywine – more “sour”, definitely more alcohol-forward 6/10

2022 Coffee – Seems REALLY tame after the barleywine, I may never taste again ?/10

2022 Sir Isaac’s – Fig taste but doesnt do MUCH to the flavor –

2022 Biscotti – Anise flavored, poo poo dogshit – 2/10

2022 Prop – Pineapple/Lime Murderfruit 0/10


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