Smirnoff Poco Pico Seltzer Review

As expected from Smirnoff these are spiked seltzers. Smirnoff got creative with this pack and released an entire pack of spicy flavors. Overall they could’ve gone further with the spice, but the flavors themselves were still unique and are worth a try. This pack includes Pineapple Jalapeno, Mango Chili, Spicy Margarita, and Spicy Tamarind.

In Drinking Order:

Spicy tamarind: generally light but works well with the flavor. Dark fruit flavor, complex. Heat is nice, not too hot, back of throat heat. Not super sweet. 3.7/5

Spicy margarita: limey, spice is muted. Little too artificial. Not as good as topo Chico margaritas 3.4

Pineapple jalapeno: Real pineapple flavor, light but very nice. Almost a coconut piña colada feel. Spice light in the back, no jalapeno flavor but some spice 3.7

Mango chili: Light mango flavor. No spice. Needs more, just kind of one note, not bad but disappointing. 3.5/5


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