Brian’s Beer Hug Mixed Pack Review

As Part of the Drink Harder 2023 challenge, we have tasked each member of Katie’s Beer School with drinking a mixed pack of beer and writing a review for the blog. These reviews will hopefully showcase the wide variety of palates (and writing styles) represented in our group. We hope you enjoy this fun new series on the blog and hope it helps you make decisions on which mixed packs are worth checking out! First up is Brian, a beer school member who has been with us from the very beginning. Last night Brian enjoyed the Beer Hug mixed pack of IPAs from Goose Island. His thoughts and reviews follow:

1. Tropical Beer Hug – 9.9% abv – Imperial IPA. Immediate thought is “I hope I’m not allergic to this…” [editor’s note: Brian has an unfortunate allergy to lime and some other citrus fruits]. Second thought, while looking at can it says “Born in Chicago 1988” Same, bro. Cannot tell how strong it is until the after-after taste. Thennnn you know its 9.9%. The regular after-taste is hoppy and fruity (idk which fruits, you are asking the wronnnnng guy) and the after-after taste doesn’t kick in until about 10 seconds later… reallllly weird delay like my mouth is lagging. Continuing backwards on our taste journey, such is tradition… right? Front end is typical fruity IPA 7/10

2. Hazy Beer Hug – 6.8% abv – Hazy IPA. Ooooooooo so close to awesome on the abv. Update: I think I was allergic to the first one? Very good, but simple hazy! Sweet but not overwhelming in any way! 8.5/10

3. Secret Beer Hug No 1 – 6.5% abv – Hazy IPA. I know more about Victoria’s Secret than I know what’s going on with this one… weird mashup of too many fruits… conglomeration of whimsy… bitter but is it?! Yeah it is… I think? Yeah!… No 5.5/10

4. Neon Beer Hug – 7.0% abv – IPA. Well… I guess if you average this one and the Hazy, they average to 6.9%… I expected better from you Goose Island… Smoother than the others, tastes like a true subtle IPA, and yet still that hazy fruity taste… unless that’s the previous three brainwashing me… totally possible… Neato gang… 8/10


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