Vizzy Mimosa Seltzer Review

Today I (Derek) will be reviewing the Vizzy mimosa hard seltzer pack as my contribution to the 2023 drink harder challenge. Vizzy is a brand produced by Molson Coors. I had my first Vizzy seltzers on a trip to Lambeau Field to see the Packers destroy the Vikings a few weeks ago and was pretty impressed. The couple that I had were complex, not too sweet, and overall easy to drink. That experience convinced me to purchase one of their packs from the grocery store for my first seltzer review of 2023! The seltzers in this pack all use orange juice concentrate to get the mimosa portion of the flavor and then natural flavors for the additional fruit flavors. They also are additionally sweetened with stevia, which is one of my preferred seltzer sweeteners. They also contain dried acerola cherry juice, which I think is for the vitamins and such, but I don’t really know. They appear to be fermented and not spiked seltzers, with the ingredients of sparkling water and cane sugar. The wifey Katie is joining in as well, even though seltzers are not usually a drink of choice for her due to the level of sweetness- you never know, and she is happy to sample them to see if a brand can finally convince her! So with that, let’s jump in. In drinking order:

Peach Mimosa

Derek’s Thoughts: Smell is very strongly peach, kind of like a Snapple peach tea. Flavor is nice, peach is the predominant flavor but you can definitely taste the orange mimosa backbone. Carbonation is good and makes it feel fizzy on the tongue. It is definitely sweet, but I wouldn’t say it’s too sweet because it is balanced with the additional acidity that they have added which keeps it nice and bright.

Verdict: Would drink again

Katie’s Thoughts: Lots of peach flavor, not much orange except a light sour finish on the back of the tongue reminiscent of vitaminc c candies. Doesn’t make me think of a mimosa really- I echo the peach snapple comparison, which I really like. Less cloyingly sweet than other seltzer brands, which I like, still not a fan of how the stevia makes my teeth feel gritty- it is probably my least favorite alt sweetener option usually.

Verdict: I could drink this happily. Maybe not put back a couple all at once due to the sweetness but one at a bar would bring me joy.

Pineapple Mimosa

Derek’s Thoughts: Smell is straight pineapple and very strong. Flavor is almost all pineapple, don’t taste the orange in this one. Sweetness level is good on this one too, easy to drink and refreshing. I like the pineapple flavor but it does seem a little fake, I think they could have upped the acidity in this one a bit to make it seem more pineapple-y.

Verdict: Fun flavor but could have done more with the pineapple

Katie’s Thoughts: Smell and taste reminded me of crystallized dried pineapple. Sweet, but less overall pineapple taste than I expected prior to drinking it. Not much orange at all still in this one. The finish was pretty clean, with the sweet lingering but not much fruitiness left after a few moments. Still not a fan of the same stevia grittiness my teeth get.

Verdict: Its fine, I’ve had better pineapple in the past and would like to see this amped up more.

Strawberry Mimosa

Derek’s Thoughts: Not really much of a smell on this one. Strawberry is difficult to do as a flavoring because it can give off some weird flavors. I don’t think this one is very successful, I get some strawberry but definitely in a very artificial way. The orange does nothing add complexity or improve the flavor. Just kind of boring sweetish fizzy water.

Verdict: Not successful, kick it out of the pack

Katie’s Thoughts: Definitely the most subtle one yet. Like a la croix with wafts of strawberry flavor that is somewhat similar to the sort of strawberry you get from Japanese candies like Pocky but overall if you had handed me this without telling me what it was I would’ve been hard pressed to identify any flavor in particular.

Verdict: Each successive one is getting worse in my opinion, this is one I wouldn’t be picking up again.

Pomegranate Mimosa

Derek’s thoughts: Not much smell at all. The taste is like green pepper? Don’t get pomegranate at all, or fruit. Something is just off, not a fan.

Verdict: Very not good

Katie’s Thoughts: On behalf of pomegranates, I am offended. Why does this taste like green pepper, even with a hint of the pepper spice?! I will not be finishing this one, drain pour for sure. How disappointing because I was excited for pomegranate as I love them and was craving something more flavorful after the last two.

Verdict: NO

Derek’s Pack verdict: The light fruits were good and the orange added some nice complexity to the peach (which was the best of the pack). Overall the “mimosa” moniker was mostly just a sales ploy because the orange flavor did not come through well. I think the pack is worthwhile to buy as long as you throw away the pomegranate ones at the beginning, because they suck.

Katie’s Pack Verdict: This was a downhill slope as far as quality. I agree that I couldn’t get much orange at all except for the hint in the peach flavor. I would just want a pack of peach for days I wanted a lower calorie option to drink in the house or something on a hot day. Out of the ever-growing market of seltzers I would give this mixed pack a pass in favor of something trying more unique flavors with more punch and utilizing a sweetener other than stevia.


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