What do we do?

The students of Katie’s Beer School meet once a week to sample craft beers together. Everyone brings a beer to share fitting that week’s theme, and three oz. pours of each contribution are enjoyed. At the end of the class votes are tallied and a favorite beer is declared.

How did this start?

Katie and her husband Derek started Katie’s Beer School together on July 5th, 2017 as a small way to celebrate the legacy of Cicero’s, a beloved bar, restaurant, and music venue icon in St. Louis for forty years. Their weekly beer school, which Katie was lucky enough to volunteer at for a short time, was dedicated to creating a community of craft beer lovers by introducing those in attendance to a plethora of breweries and beer styles. It is thanks to Cicero’s that the couple has become the beer aficionados they are today, and Katie’s Beer School is meant to honor that.

How do we join?

Currently the class is full and there is a waiting list. With everyone providing beer on their own dime there is sadly a limit to how many people we can accommodate. However, if you are interested or have further questions fill out the form below and Katie will notify you if there is an opening available in the class. In the comments on the form answer the following questions and Katie will get back to you with more information as space opens up.

  1. What is your prior experience with beer?
  2. What sort of beer/ beer events do you enjoy?
  3. Are you willing to thoughtfully contribute a six pack/ growler/ 750 ml/ etc. following the assigned theme of the week and in return try anywhere from 5 to 10 other beers?
  4. What would you hope to gain from attending this beer school? (Ie. gaining detailed knowledge of beer styles, further developing the palate, to enter the world of beer, for the social benefits)
  5. Are you willing to follow any and all rules set forth by Katie, such as possible restrictions on inviting guests due to limited class size, etc.?

Furthermore, Katie is happy to assist you in planning your own class! Whether it is choosing themes, picking out beers for a tasting, or planning a special tasting with pairings, etc. she can help you set up a class that meets your needs. She is even happy to put together a presentation and come teach your group on a specific beer-related subject if you live within St. Louis, for a small fee. If this is of interest to you fill out the form below with the details of the beer share or tasting you would require and Katie will get back to you as soon as possible.

*Disclaimer: Katie’s Beer School and its owners receive no monetary compensation nor bribes of beer for their efforts. We are simply two people who really wanted to host a beer school; we are in no way profiting off of the work of the marvelous breweries we taste from each week.