Past Themes

Wondering what themes we have enjoyed in the past? Here are the calendars from 2017-2021


1/5/22No Class
1/12/22New Year, New Beer
1/19/22Can’t Find in STL
1/26/22Local Brewery I Want to Get to More in 2022
2/2/22Cancelled Due to Weather
2/9/22Predict the Groundhog: Bring a Light (No shadow) or Dark Beer (shadow)
2/16/22Winter Olympics: Imports
2/23/22Cancelled Due to Weather
3/2/22Cool Bottle Cap (And Part of a Series due to cancellation)
3/9/22Intl Women’s Day (3/8): Breweries with a Woman Brewer/Owner
3/16/22Cool Label Art
3/23/22March Madness: Beer from a State that has a team in the Top 16
3/30/22Not Beer: Spring has Sprung
4/6/22April Fool’s Blind Tasting: Guess the Wax Color
4/13/22Bye Week
4/20/22Earth Day (4/22): Breweries Making Sustainability Efforts
4/27/22My Favorite Style
5/4/22Unusual Adjuncts
5/11/22Unusual Hop or Grain
5/18/22Name in the Beer Name
5/25/22As Advertised: Beer that exactly met my expectations
6/1/22Free for All
6/8/22Crushable Beers
6/15/22Animal on the Can
6/22/22Local Breweries I Don’t Go to Enough
6/29/22Teach Me Something
7/6/22Bangers- Cheers to 5 Years
7/13/22Domestic Blind Tasting
7/20/22Part of a Series
7/27/22Seltzers and Ciders
8/10/22SRM Color #1-9
8/17/22SRM Color #10-19
8/24/22SRM Color #20-40+
8/31/22Freshly Brewed
9/7/22Aged Beer- Moved to Friday 9/9
9/14/22Dessert Pairing- Bring a Beer and Dessert that pairs well/inspired the beer
9/21/22Birth State Beer
9/28/22Not Beer
10/5/22Blind Tasting- Guess the Fruit
10/12/22Katie Hosts Beer School
10/19/22Todd Hosts Beer School
10/26/22Rick Hosts Beer School
11/2/22IBUs 0-30
11/9/22IBUs 30-60
11/16/22IBUs 60+
11/23/22Not Beer: Twas the Night Before Thanskgiving
11/30/22Label is Your Favorite Color
12/7/22Derek Hosts Beer School
12/14/22Bill and Laura Host Beer School
12/21/22Friendship Beer
12/28/22Holiday Bye Week


1/6/21New Year, New Beer
1/20/21Can’t Find in STL
1/27/21Winter Warmers and Winter Labels
2/3/21Drink Local
2/10/21Moved to Zoom- Civil Life 6pk
2/17/21Moved to Zoom- Drink Whatever
2/24/21Warm Cocktails
3/3/21Hop-Forward Beers
3/10/21Malt-Forward Beers
3/17/21Imports or Irish
3/24/21In a 6pk
3/31/21In a 4pk
4/7/21U.S. Beers Free for All
4/14/21Your Home State Beer
4/21/21Closest Brewery to You
4/28/21Bangers: Farewell to the Menssens
5/5/21Blind Tasting: Guess the ABV
5/12/21As Advertised
5/19/21Beer With a Backstory
5/26/21Favorite STL Brewery
6/2/21Getting Wild with It
6/9/21From the Cellar
6/16/21Seltzers, Ciders, and Crushables
6/23/21Animal on the Can
6/30/21From the Brewery with your Fave Bartender
7/7/21KBS 4th Anniversary: Not Beer Summer Edition
7/9-7/11Beer Olympics
7/14/21Bye Week
7/21/21Get a Suggestion
7/28/21Beer or Adult Film?
8/4/21Lager Day and Domestics Blind Tasting
8/11/21Can Art
8/18/21Beer Starts with Same Letter as your Name
8/25/21I Just Liked the Name
9/1/21Blind Tasting: Guess the Barrel- Michael and Derek’s Bdays
9/8/21Ravi Bday Celebration- No KBS
9/15/21Beers Not Bottled or Canned
9/22/21Beer from (nearish) Your Hometown
9/29/21Beer Styles from Other Countries
10/6/21Dessert Beers
10/13/21Fall Beers
10/20/21Beers that follow Reinheitsgebot
10/27/21Beers that break Reinheitsgebot
11/3/21“I Just HAD to Buy This”
11/10/21Blind Tasting: Guess the Style
11/17/21Beers that Make You Smile
11/24/21Not Beer: Cocktails Edition
12/1/21Malt Bombs and Winter Warmers
12/8/21Breweries That Got us Through 2021
12/15/21Friendship Beer and White Elephant
12/22/21Probably Away for Christmas
12/29/21Bangers: Here’s to 2022


1/15/20New Year New Beer
1/22/20Can’t Find in STL
3/25/20Bangers 3: Contagion Edition
4/1/20Blind Tasting: STL Guess the Brewery
4/8/20Spring Seasonals
4/15/20Part of a Series
4/22/20ABV <9%
4/29/20ABV >9%
5/6/20Exactly as Advertised
9/16/20This Beer is My Spirit Animal
9/23/20I’ve Been Meaning to Drink This
9/30/20Fall Beers
10/7/20Brewery I didn’t have during quarantine (Mar-Aug)
10/14/20Brewery that got me through quarantine
10/21/20Plant on the Can
10/28/20Animal on the Can
11/4/20Person on the Can
11/11/20Number in the Name
11/18/20Color in the Name
11/25/20Not Beer
12/2/20Labels I Would Frame
12/9/20Blind Tasting: Guess the Stout Adjunct
12/16/20Friendship Beer and White Elephant
12/30/20Bangers: Drink to Forget 2020


1/9/19Beer in Review
1/16/19New Year New Beer
1/23/19Can’t Find in STL
1/30/19In a Can
2/6/19In a Bottle
2/13/19Under 5 Years in St. Louis
2/20/19Over 5 Years in St. Louis
2/27/19Part of a Series
3/6/19Blind Tasting: Dubbel, Tripel, Quad
3/20/19March Madness
3/27/19Not Beer
4/3/19Your Favorite Style
4/10/19Least Favorite Style
4/17/19Didn’t Think I’d Like It
4/24/19Spring Seasonals
5/1/19I’ve Been Meaning to Drink This
5/8/19Styles I’ve Rarely Had
5/15/19Try to Win
5/22/19Know Your Hop
5/29/19In a 4 Pack
6/5/19In a 6 Pack
6/12/19In a Bomber
6/19/19Summer Beers
6/26/19“Better Together” County vs. City
7/3/19Bangers Pt. 2
7/10/19Awesome Label Art
7/17/19Class Cancelled
7/24/19Fruited Beers Blind Tasting- Guess the Fruit
7/31/19Craft Beer Week
8/7/19This Beer Sparks Joy
8/14/19A Brewery You’ve Never Had
8/21/19Animal on the Can
8/28/19Special Tasting
9/4/19Beer that is New to You
9/11/19Label is Your Favorite Color
9/18/19Hop-Forward Beers
9/25/19Malt-Forward Beers
10/2/19Number in the Name
10/9/19Blind Tasting- Guess the Style
10/16/19Unusual Adjuncts
10/23/19Puns and Innuendos
10/30/19Fall Labels (and Costume Contest!)
11/6/19I Would Be Expected to Share This
11/13/19I Would NOT Be Expected to Share This
11/20/19Punctuation in the Name
11/27/19Not Beer
12/4/19Winter Label
12/11/19Cool Bottle Cap
12/18/19Friendship Beer and White Elephant


1/3/18Newcomers (<5 years brewing)
1/10/18Old Pros (>20 years brewing)
1/31/18Stouts and Porters
2/7/18Olympics- Award Winning Beers
3/28/18White or Black
4/4/18Your Favorite Style
4/11/18Plant on the Can
4/18/18Goldens and Blondes
4/25/18East vs. West Coast
5/2/18Special Tasting
5/9/18Desert Island Beer
5/16/18Bocks, Maibocks, and Dopplebocks
5/23/18I Only Bought it Because…
5/30/18Beer with a Backstory
6/6/18Weird Beers
6/13/18Brewery has a Name in it
6/20/18Blind Tasting: IPAs vs. Pales
6/27/18Convince Me Beers
7/4/18World Cup Beers
7/11/18Animal on the Can
7/18/18Best of Beer School
7/25/18Get a Recommendation
8/1/18Beer under $10
8/15/18They Can’t All Be Bangerz
8/22/18On Sale Beer
8/29/18Southwest Beers
9/5/18Midwest Beers
9/12/18Northwest Beers
9/19/18Northeast Beers
9/26/18Southeast Beers
10/3/18Saisons, Wild, and Farmhouse Ales
10/17/18Cool Label
10/24/18Cool Bottle Cap
10/31/18Fall Beers and Spooky Labels
11/7/18Brewery/ Beer Name has a Location
11/14/18In a Growler
11/21/18Person on the Bottle
11/28/18Crushable Beers
12/5/18Don’t Chug That
12/12/18Blind Tasting: Stouts and Porters
12/19/18Friendship Beer (White Elephant)


7/5/17Summer Beers
7/12/17Number in the Name
7/26/17Beer Starts with a Vowel
8/9/17Animal on the Bottle
8/23/17Your Go-to
8/30/17ABV >9%
9/6/17Pils and Lagers
9/20/17U.S. Beers Free for All
9/27/17Your Home State Beer
10/4/17Closest Brewery to You
10/11/17Fall Beers (Oktoberfest, Pumpkin, etc.)
10/18/17Ciders and Fruit Beer
10/25/17Color in the Name or Brewery
11/1/17Ambers, Reds, and Browns
11/8/17Coolest Bottle or Can Art
11/15/17Barrel Aged Beers
11/22/17Special Tasting
11/29/17Beers you’re Ashamed you Haven’t Tried Yet
12/6/17Scotch Ale, Barleywine, and Old Ale
12/13/17Breaking the Reinheitsgebot
12/20/17Christmas Beers and Winter Warmers