Dessert and Beer Pairing

Beer School tonight delved into the delightful and much under-appreciated world of Dessert and Beer Pairings. While we see plenty of pairings with savory and rich entrees or well-stocked charcuterie boards, Dessert and Beer have yet to be recognized for the match made in heaven that they can be.

Seeking to change that by playing around with a diverse assortment of pairings, each member was tasked with finding the perfect dessert partner to their beer this evening, everything was sampled, and then winners were declared.

Tonight’s Lineup:

Batch 625Kros StrainPear Cheese Tart
Coeur De Cuvee (Blend 10)Side ProjectLemon Bar
Busch AppleAnheuser BuschApple Pie Fillling
Sugar BabySouthern GristWatermelon
Mystery Whip HillSouthern GristRambutan
Apple Pie LiquorMichael’s LiquorMini Apple Pie
Juliet (2016)Goose IslandRaspberry Cake Ball
More Smore’sBoulevardSmore’s
StagStagPeanut Square
HefenatorObed and IsaacsSnickerdoodles
Coffee Abraxas (2017)PerennialStroopwafels
Tiramisu Pastry StoutCampanologyTiramisu
Imperial Biscott BreakEvil Twin BrewingBiscotti
Triple Chocolate Madagascar4 Hands BrewingEntemann’s Chocolate Cake

As you can see from the list above some of our members went for complementary in their pairings, while other preferred the dissonance of contrary flavors on their palate- some even strove to combine both into one dessert. Others chose the dessert that inspired the beer flavors itself as a great moment for comparison on if a beer truly hit the mark in their flavor profile.

Clearly after all of the above desserts we were all on quite the sugar high and basically ready to fall into a food coma. However, we still needed to pick the winners. So we rallied through the last few bites of desserts and took our votes.

The Results:

Best Beer: More S’mores from Boulevard Brewing

Best Dessert: A tie between the Tiramisu and Peanut Squares

Best Pairing: Stag Beer and Peanut Squares

Congrats to each of our winners- the field was tough this week and each of you absolutely impressed us. The winning pairing stood out as it took the crisp quality of the Stag and made it stand out against a back drop of smooth sweetness from the Peanut Squares while they also provided a light, roasty nuttiness that complemented the bready characteristics of the lager.

The winner of best pairing, Ryan, with his Naturdays prize pack!

Overall, tonight was a super fun theme and our members clearly had a great time coming up with and executing their pairings. Hopefully this week can inspire more people to play around with Dessert and Beer to find what sort of combos they enjoy.

Good night all and see you back here next week for Beers from Your Home State! Cheers!

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